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low carb tofu recipes

Tofu ranks among the most cherished non vegetarian items that one can have. There are so many recipes that can be made from tofu. If you are fall among the health conscious people, you may like to have the low carb tofu recipe. The best thing about these recipes is that they are made from ingredients that consist of very less amount of carbohydrates. So, if you are taking these recipes, you can be rest assured of one thing- there will no chance of putting extra fat in the body. Moreover, these recipes are ideal for patients who are suffering from diabetes, high blood sugar, and obesity.

Types of low carb tofu

You can choose from a wide range of low carb tofu recipe as per the choice. They are healthy and at the same time tasty. The most popular tofu recipes include low carb tofu with coconut, low carb tofu with ginger and lemon, low carb tofu with cream cheese, low carb fried tofu, Tofu Salad with Great Green Dressing, Zesty Grilled Tofu, Grilled Caribbean tofu, Easy Maryland Tofu Salad, Greek-Spiced Baked Tofu, Tofu Alfredo, Thai Coconut Tofu and Rice, and Oven-Baked Tofu with Herbs, Easy Tofu Scampi, and so on.