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In case you are looking forward to learn more on the low carb alcohol drinks then this is exactly what you have been searching for. This article will take you through the highs and the lows of low carb alcohol drinks.

 Low carb alcoholic drinks

Nowadays everyone is very cautious about the way they look and watch their weight. People are keener on maintaining health and fitness. It is to be understood that people are willing to sacrifice high carb but very delicious meal recipes and go for low carb diets. In fact, alcohol drinks are also high in carbs and calories especially when they are mixed with other drinks such as juices.  Since we can’t do without carbs in several occasions, the question we should ask ourselves is how much carbs there are in the alcohol drinks we are taking.

Most people follow their assigned low carb diets to the letter but they still keep searching for that perfect low carb alcoholic drink. In this case it’s paramount to first understand what a low carb alcohol drink is.

What do you know about a low carb alcohol drink?

Surprisingly, every one gram of alcohol has seven calories which in most cases is overlooked. Together with these calories, there are a lot of carbs present in these alcoholic beverages. The result is all your weight loss plans are ruined by these high carb drinks together with the high calories foods you eat. Low carb alcohol drinks are pretty much the same as the ordinary drinks only that they are extra brewed, are low in carbs and calories and they are sugar free. It’s always good to note that the higher the alcohol concentration, the higher the calories. Also keep in mind that alcohol is not a carbohydrate. As a cardinal rule, in case you are looking for a low carb alcoholic beverage, at all times go  for dry wines, beers that are labelled as being low carb and all straight drinks such as gin, vodka, whiskey and rum. For cocktail lovers, mix them with fresh lime juice, diet coke or club soda instead of sours and non-diet colas. The lowest calorie alcoholic drink is amongst vodka or rum and for cocktails is mojito, Mary or cosmopolitan.

Low carb alcoholic drinks 2

List of no carb and low carb alcohol drinks

·         Below is a list of alcoholic  beverages that are low in carbs. Every diet conscious person should love to have a gulp of these drinks:

·         Beer(light) – 4.5g

·         Armagnac – 0g

·         Bourbon – 0g

·         Cognac – 0g

·         Brandy – 0g

·         Gin – 0g

·         Red wine – 2.0g

·         Dry cider – 1.5g

·         Guiness – 4g

·         Rum – 0g

·         Sherry – 3g

·         Scotch- 0g

·         Tequila-0g

·         Dry vermouth-1.4g

·         Vodka-0g

·         Whiskey-0g

·         White wine-0.9g

Cocktail liquors that are low in carbs

·         Baileys – 5.5g

·         Anisette-11g

·         Amaretto -17g

·         Carolan’s-6.5g

·         Chambord-11g

·         Cointreau-10g

·         Drambuie-9g

·         Curacao-9.6g

·         Frangelico-11g

·         Kahlua-17g

·         Midori-11g

·         Schnapps-12g

·         Triple sec-12.5g

In fact, in several diets like Atkins diet and south beach diet, bone dry wines and unsweetened, concentrated alcohols are supposed to be actually harmless. It’s also good to note that when a person who is in low carb diet decides to go for these drinks then they should eat protein foods. This ensures that the body consumes the alcohol as a form of energy and therefore it will not be saturated into the body.