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Low carb beef stew

Beef stew is one of the most delicious meals of its own kind in the current century. It is important to note that coming up with a good recipe for preparing the beef stew will tend to suggest how delicious the stew would taste. During the holidays for example December when we are celebrating Christmas holiday, beef stew is the best recipe for most domestic meals. This kind of recipe usually share numerous  distinctiveness with  bourguignon beef like those braising once in tomato and red wine, in addition to anchovies, mushroom and umami harbinger. Mushrooms when used in a recipe together with ingredients like tomatoes, beef and anchovies, produce out a sweet flavor for the beef. This is much better than just applying the beef stock and beef to the recipe.

For those who are slow in cooking like the lazy and busy people, using crock pots or slow cookers are the best facilities they can use for cooking. The only thing they can do is to chop the ingredients together for the preparation of the beef stew. This should be done on the night before the dinner and then in the following morning place all the ingredients into the slow cooker. Turn it on and leave it until evening when the stew will be well cooked. Cooking slowly makes the meat to be extremely softened so it is better to apply a cheap cut that is readily available and the taste will be delicious.

Slow cooker beef stew

The recipe for a slow cooker for beef stew consist of  carrots ,potatoes and vegetables that has a lot of starch which for a low carb stew green vegetables are used to provide low carbohydrate content.

Preparation of Low carb beef stew

In the preparation of low carb beef stew, the quantity and content of the ingredients is of paramount importance. Some of the ingredients required to prepare a delicious low carb beef stew include one sliced onion, two bay of leaves, two standard sliced carrots, one tin of paste of tomatoes, three diced celery stalks, 1lb of frozen or raw cubed beef, pepper, sea salt, between two to three cups of olive beans, two tablespoon of sliced parsley, two tablespoon of apple vinegar, four thyme sprigs and two big diced and peeled turnips.

The method of preparation involves first of all placing all the ingredients into the crock pot and filling it with the reasonable amount of water. Boil the ingredients for a maximum of six hours and then add one tablespoon of coconut flour if the combination is too skinny to a quarter cup of clean water. The mixture is then stirred until all the dissolution occurs. Thereafter, the dissolve combination of ingredients is mixed into stew unhurriedly until the stew thickens. You should taste the stew then add other more ingredients if necessary before serving it to those who are waiting to be served. Remember to limit some toxic infections that might be caused by pesticides by using organic vegetable. Serve the stew as per the required number of people it was made for and enjoy the low carb beef stew.