The basic foundation of energy in the body are carbohydrates, however in most diets it is proposed that intake of carbohydrates should be highly restricted or it should be totally eliminated from any further consumption into the body. Carbohydrates should be eliminated as it raises the level of insulin in the blood but insulin is used in the storage of fats. On the other hand, weight loss in the body result from the total amount of calories in the food taken. In most of the diets, proteins are best advisable to be taken since it provides a better and reliable metabolism rate hence its digestion is very high as the calories are burned efficiently than carbohydrates. As a result of these, a qualified medical practitioner should be consulted on the best diet method to be used.

Low-Carb High-Protein Breakfast Food


Every egg has a total of approximately 70 calories with a lot of high protein and low carbohydrates. It consist of a variety if nutrients in it that include iodine, choline, selenium, vitamin B2,B5,B12 and D which assist in trimming down the inflammation and improves the functioning of the brain. Eggs also assist in regulating the weight of a person as it is a very good food content for weight loss.

Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon consist of  little amount of  calories and saturated fats which are very significant in providing a well managed health of an individual than a regular bacon. In some circumstances, turkey bacon and regular bacon are similar and they taste the same. They also consist of a crispy reliability. It has also been proven that one portion of turkey bacon has 3g of fat, while on the other hand regular bacon has 6g of fat in it. Regular bacon has little protein compared to turkey bacon that has a higher level of protein, with 7g per portion compared to 4g of protein which regular bacon has.


Lox can be placed inside strips of vegetables which has low carbohydrates in them since lox can be used for topping of bread and bagels which might consist of a very high amount of carbohydrates in them hence these lox placed in these vegetable strips help reduce the high amount of carbohydrates. On the other hand, lox can also be referred to as salmon. One portion of lox has about 70 calories which consist of 18g of protein and 1.5g of fat. This occurs majorly because of the low amount of carbohydrates and fats in lox.


Sausage is a kind of customary food that consists of high amount of protein content but with low carbohydrates in them. It also has high fat content which is not healthy for body consumption especially if you want to loose weight. According to researchers, sausage has 140 calories together with 9g of protein and fat of about 11g. It is also advisable to use turkey or chicken sausage since they have low calories and fat content. Sausages are best for breakfast due to its low carbohydrate content with high proteins.