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The three important energy giving macronutrients; these are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Macronutrients are important nutrients required in huge quantities to give energy in form of calories. Majority of foods provide all these nutrients, though certain types of food supply one of the nutrients without the others.

High protein low carb foods

Fish, meat and poultry exceptional protein sources

Certain food like chicken, beef and goose are exceptional sources of proteins but doesn’t have carbohydrates in them. One piece of cooked beef, chicken or fish gives roughly 7g of protein and zero carbohydrates. For instance, 4-oz piece of steak (like bottom round) nicely braised, or equal amount of fried light chicken beef gives around 34g protein and 0g carbohydrates. A 4-oz piece of salmon (especially) sockeye, well cooked, gives roughly 30g protein and 0g carbohydrates. Apart from these, there are also other types of foods that give high proteins but offer zero carbohydrates. They include foods such as chicken breast, ground beef, tuna and other types of meats like lamp and venison.

Soy foods rich protein alternatives

Soy foodstuffs are very wealthy in proteins. For example, soy protein detach is a wholesome soy protein powder. Only 1-oz of majority soy protein brands of detach give approximately 25g of proteins and 0g carbohydrates. Tofu that is soft gives small carbohydrate (below 5g per plate) but is very rich in proteins. A solid tofu provides of very little carbohydrate. Half a cup of cubed and soft tofu gives 16g of proteins and 4g of carbohydrates. About 4-oz portion of light, tough tofu gives about 8g protein and about 2g of carbohydrate. One piece of lacto-vegetarian meatloaf or soy-based vegetarian patty offers about 12g protein and 4g carbohydrate. Similarly, sausage made of soy-based veggie provides around 10g protein and 3g carbohydrate.

Dairy Products and Eggs with their protein and carb count

Nearly all dairy products, like milk, ice cream and yogurt give a combination of both protein and carbohydrate, though some products like cheese are one of the few but notable available exceptions. Cheese is rich in protein but has little or no carbohydrate. A 1-oz portion of majority of cheese, like Colby, gouda, Monterey, mozzarella, Swiss, Provolone, muenster and cheddar all provide about 7g protein and 1g of carbohydrate or even less. Cottage cheese is somewhat richer in carbohydrates. A half cup portion of 1% milk fat cottage cheese gives, roughly 14g protein and 3g carbohydrates. 1 egg is equal to 1 oz of beef. One full egg gives 7g protein. Nearly all protein of an egg is found in the white. White dry egg has very high concentration of protein while one of dried, crushed white egg gives 23g protein and merely 2g carbohydrate.

Tip for you

In order to avoid some large contents of fats that cause heart diseases, low carbohydrate foods are very useful as it help in avoiding these dangerous diseases to the heart. These foods help in loosing weight in that when less calories are consumed by  someone, it result in weight in that people practicing these kind of diet usually take in foods that has fewer calories even if they can contain some kinds of proteins in them, they help in loosing weight in an individual.