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Are you for that perfect body shape and you do not have a clue which particular diet will help achieve your goal? Well a high protein low carb diet is a perfect way to lose weight. This is because a high protein low carb diet reduces your consumption of sugars and processed carbohydrates or eliminates them from your diet regimen. It is very popular with those who want to lose weight because of its effectiveness. Avoid foods like bread and pasta because they are packed with carbs.

Fibre is a good source of carbs

However not all carbs are bad carbs there are in fact good carbs. A carb that is considered to be good has a low glycemic index. This is the measure of how certain foods cause your blood sugar to increase. The two examples mentioned above, bread and pasta have a high glycemic index and that is why they are discouraged. Fibre is an example of a good carb because it does not increase your blood sugar level excessively.

Fibre should be included in a low carb high protein diet because it takes longer to digest fibre and therefore and it doesn’t spike the blood sugar level.

 High Protein Low Carb Diet Plan

Low carb high protein diet will stabilize your blood sugar

Even though a high protein diet is perfect for weight loss, it is not the only aim of this diet plan. This diet is meant to leave you healthy and should be part of your lifestyle. Refined processed carbs are eliminated from your diet this means you will better control of your blood sugar level. This is what makes this diet even perfect for diabetics. These sugars are the ones responsible for weight gain and will eventually you will get out of shape.

Already there exist quite a number of well-liked diet plans for instance the Atkins and Dukan diet. Any one of them could help you achieve your weight loss goals. Try and integrate these low carb high protein diets into you way of life and you will be happy with the results.

When you consume these refined processed carbs and sugars they will sharply increase your blood sugar level and then later your blood sugar level will also sharply drop. This would only mean one thing; your body will crave for more sugar. Therefore when you are on a low carb high protein diet the main idea is to eliminate the consumption of these sugars. They are very addictive and will only cause weight gain not loss.

How does a high protein low carb diet help you achieve weight loss?

Well this is what happens when you are on a high protein low carb diet. Since you have eliminated the consumption of sugars and processed carbohydrates your body will shift from breaking down sugars to breaking down fats for energy. The body is conditioned to use fat for energy when carbs are not sugar from carbs is un-available. The sugar cravings will also be finished because now your blood sugar and insulin levels are stabilized. When you begin burning fat you stop gaining weight and start losing weight instead.

Once you overcome the sugar addiction then now you are on the right path to weight loss. This happens in a few days or over a week, the period varies from one person to another.

The following foods are ideal for a low carb high protein diet: chicken, fish, lean beef, eggs, poultry, raw nuts, strawberries, lemons and non starchy vegetables.