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low carb low fat diet plan

To have a good body without extra fat, you need to follow a well defined low carb low fat diet plan. If you are really wishing to shed extra fat from the body within few days, then following a balanced and healthy diet is perhaps the best thing possible. On an average, you can shed around 10-17 lbs if you follow the plan in the right manner. In most cases, a well defined low carb diet plan helps to burn your calories, and prevent intake of high levels of carbohydrate in the body, thereby gifting you a well toned and attractive body.

Types of low carb diet foods

To start with a low carb low fat diet plan, you must remember have great amount of water; around ten glasses per day. Apart from these, care needs to be taken to take low carb food items. For example, you need to have lots of fruits with low carb. It is recommended to consume plenty of raspberries and strawberries, as it helps to lose 30lbs daily. In case of vegetables, the ones that need to be preferred include radish, turnip, spinach, cauliflower, and so on. In case of protein items, the ones preferred include chicken, pork, fish products, and so on.