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With all the sugar cookies and sweet cakes available around us staying healthy is a phenomenal challenge. These snacks are not easy to keep away from but as a replacement for the sugar cookies, fries and mouth watering cakes have some low carb snacks. Some healthy snacks that do not make you gain weight.

Low Carb Snacks

These unhealthy snacks are very tempting therefore you need to ensure you have a way of avoiding them. One method is to carry some food with you all through the day. This way anytime hunger strikes you beat the temptation of having some unhealthy snack since you carry your own healthy foods. It may not appear to be the most convenient method for most people carrying food around can be cumbersome but it works.

Most people may not be comfortable with carrying a spoon and a fork everywhere they go. You also don’t want to carry a big bag around with you to accommodate your lunch or dinner foods. In as much as there are several recipes for low carb foods the challenge is transforming them into low carb snacks. Just like any other snack it should be ready to eat, satisfying, easy to make and carry with you wherever you go.

Low carb snack should be equally appetizing!

Low carb snacks like any other snack should be appetizing! It should not only fit perfectly in your small bag but also have an edible taste. Most low carb snacks cannot combine all these qualities of a snack and that is what makes them very rare. This does not mean that there are no low carb snacks here are a few examples:

Low carb vegetable snack

 Some vegetables like celery sticks make excellent low carb snacks that are ready to eat. They are easy to carry anywhere and when you get hungry you can always have a bite. They are not very satisfying after consuming celery sticks you find yourself still in need of something to eat.

Nuts make healthy low carb snacks

Nuts come in several flavors and make healthy low carb snacks because they are not only low in carbs but are quite filling. Some nuts are packed with mixed flavors together with dried exotic fruit added inside the packets. Cashew nuts and Brazilian nuts are some of the popular nuts. But even as companies try to add value to nuts some have resorted to adding extra sugar. Consequently the nuts are no longer low carb and should be avoided. Keep off sugar always ensure the snacks are sugar free.

Some other wonderful low carb snacks choices

A good low carb snack will nourish your body with adequate nutrients and boost your energy.

The following are a list of some the best low carb snacks that you can have: celery together with peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, celery with tuna salad, dill pickles plus cheddar cheese, one quarter cup berries with a third cup cottage cheese, nuts, cheese together with a few apple slices, lunch meat roll ups plus some veggies, lettuce roll-ups with meat, eggs or tuna, some sugar free yoghurt with berries and so much more for you to enjoy and stay healthy.