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Adjusting to a low carb diet

Changing your diet can be one of the most traumatizing decisions you would have to make especially when you have to give up some of the foods you relish. The trauma is not only physical but also mental because letting go of your favorite meals is no mean task. Adjusting to a new diet is very difficult no matter how beneficial it may be to your health.

  Low Carb Cereals 1

Low carb cereals alternatives

Cereal is one of the hardest meals to let go when on a low carb diet.  The low carb cereals available do contain a substantial amount of carbs despite the low carb label have. For those sensitive to gluten these cereals usually carry grains which pose a problem for most strict low carb dieters. There are lots of low carb cereals now just make sure you check the carb content before you buy.

Eggs, Bacon and Sausage

  Low Carb Cereals

What options then are available to substitute low carb cereal for breakfast? Bacon, eggs and sausage are great alternatives but for cereal lovers this is a big change.  Cereal craving still strikes and maintaining this breakfast may be a challenge.

Hot oatmeal made from pumpkin or flax also makes a good cereal alternative for a low carb diet.  Be careful with the flavored ones in as much they resemble the usual cereals. They contain artificial sugar meaning they are abundant in honey or sugar and will only increase your blood sugar levels and lead to weight gain.

Replacing low carb cereal with Protein shakes

There are quite a number of alternatives for instance another one to consider is protein shakes.  Protein shakes provide an economical way of increasing your protein in-take while cutting on carbs. Delicious and tasty as they are, they are not expensive and are simple to make. No sugar additives are needed just some water, almond milk or coconut milk blended together with some ice. There is a range of flavors you can find at your store and even over the internet.

Improving your diet with variety

The secret to a good breakfast is creating variety to make your diet interesting. For instance if you are comfortable with egg products then you can mix bacon, cheese and eggs to make simple egg bakes. Egg omelets and scrambles come in different varieties that you can give a try. Season your eggs if they are too plain for you with some jalenpenos for the perfect flavor.

The cereal cravings will strike you a lot during breakfast while adjusting to a low carb diet.

Just remember that there are several options available therefore you don’t need to be fixed on some plain food every time. A low carb diet should make you healthier and allow you to find out about new interesting foods at the same time.

The main aim of a low carb diet is to significantly lower your carbohydrate in-take. However it is worth pointing out that there are some beneficial carbs, these are the carbs from fiber simply avoid the highly refined and processed carbohydrates like cakes, white bread plus cookies. Any food high in sugar should be avoided when on a low carb diet.