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low carb food pyramid chart

Following the low carb food pyramid chart is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and fit. With so much stress on maintaining a healthy body, lots of people have started to follow low carb diet meal plans. The food pyramid is also one of them. It helps you take in the most essential nutrients, and yet prevent high carbohydrate from getting into the body. Ideal for both children and adults, it can provide to yield wonderful results if followed well and with care. On an average, positive results can be evident within a period of three weeks.

Details of the diet pyramid

The main objective of the low carb food pyramid chart is to provide essential nutrients, yet low carb and fat. The pyramid is made up of three main meal plans- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is made up of both vegan and non-vegetarian food items that consist of very little amount of carbohydrate. This kind of diet plan is also very effective for those who are suffering from complications such as diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity, and so on. Indeed it can act as a boon for health conscious people who wish to stay fit. It is also pretty easy to follow the diet pyramid.