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simple low carb recipes

There are lots of simple low carb recipes that you can choose from. These recipes are considered to be a healthy diet supplement as they consist of essential nutrients. Plenty of people who are health conscious prefer to have low carb dishes for building energy. When it comes to these recipes, you can be assured of great health benefits. Made with fresh ingredients, these low carb food items provide vitamins, proteins, and minerals to your body, and yet help you to shed extra fat.

Popular kinds of low carb recipes

Soups rank among the simple low carb recipes. Low carb soups are made from different kinds of vegetables that consist of very low levels of carbohydrate and fat. Some of the well-known vegetables and meat items that are used include radish, spinach, beans, carrot, and chicken and so on. You can choose from a wide range of soups such as low carb broccoli soup, low carb beans with chicken soup, low carb cauliflower soup, low carb cabbage soup with lemon sauce, low carb ginger soup with beans, low carb carrot soup with peas, low carb asparagus soup, and so on. All these recipes have high nutritional value and are ideal for great health. You can also have fruit salads as they are very easy to prepare. Roasted egg whites are also ideal low carb food items.