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 Low carb diet for vegetarians 1

Vegetarians can opt for a low carb diet and still be very healthy. There are a variety of low carb foods that vegetarians can include in their diet plan. Low carb diets are very effective for people who want to lose weight. The best alternative is of course to opt for vegetables and fruits that are low in sugars and to go for oils that are made from fruits, certain nuts and vegetables.

Soy based low carb foods for vegetarians

Soy foods are the best group of foods for vegetarians that are low in carbs. Tofu is a soy product that is highly recommended for vegetarians who want to go for low carb diets. For vegetarians, meat substitutes are usually soy based. These meat substitutes include veggie burgers, vegetarian sausages, ground beef and fake cold cut substitutes. These substitutes are made in such a way that they smell and taste like meat so that the vegetarians can enjoy them without eating actual meat. They can be included in excellent vegetarian foods like salads and stir fry. These are outstanding low carb foods for vegetarians since they contain high amounts of proteins.

Textured vegetable protein is a new soy based food that has been developed and it is low in carbs. It may come in dry granules or in chunks and it is obtainable from any food store. It has proteins and fiber with very little carbs. It can be used to prepare vegetarian recipes that are low in carbs like vegetarian chili or it can be prepared by merely boiling it and flavoring with seasonings.

Wheat gluten (seitan) for low carb vegetarian diet

An additional low carb vegetarian food is seitan or wheat gluten. Conversely, unlike soy-based food products, it is short in protein and has been reported to cause a number of food reactions.

Dairy or milk products can also be a good protein source for lacto-ovo vegetarians.  Dairy is a familiar source of weight loss hindrance for many people. It can be problematic in other ways for other people like for those who have allergies in them. Moreover, it is hard to get enough protein from dairy without exceeding one’s daily carbohydrate limits. Dairy products should be used to make your main foods more flavorful if they are to be used at all.

 Eggs are high-quality protein source that are low in carbs that lacto-ovo vegetarians can go for. Egg yolk is an outstanding source of other nutrients so they may possibly also be added to the vegetarian diet.

Vegetarians who fancy eating only low carb food could also go for low carbohydrate vegetables plus nuts and seeds. For fruits, select those that are low in sugar. Natural oils found in avocados and olives are also greatly recommended as accompaniments to a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet. Refined sugars should be avoided. Remember that in case you are going for low carbohydrates, vegetables are much healthier than fruits.

Caution should be taken when opting for a vegetable diet since most of them lack certain vital vitamins and minerals. Iron is one of these elements. Iron can be found in beans and nuts. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia and therefore strong precaution should be taken for the individuals who are anemic.

Low carb diet for vegetarians