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food list tim ferriss

The 4 hour diet food list tim ferriss aims to lower the level of carbohydrate in the body so that you can shed extra fat in a quick manner. Nowadays people wish to get instant results and it is also the same for diet plans too. This is where the 4 hour food list comes handy. It provides the much needed energy and strength and yet limits the intake of carbohydrate. Made with basic food items, it is very effective and yields positive results within 20 days. You can easily shed considerable amount of fat by following the diet plan on a regular basis.

Following the 4 hour plan

The 4 hour diet food list tim ferriss is also highly recommended for those who suffer from high blood sugar and diabetes. Ideally, the diet plan constitutes three main food items- fruits and vegetables, proteins and desserts. All low carb food items are included in the list that helps you to get excellent results. For example, if you are having meat items, it is better to have chicken and pork. In the same manner, fish is preferred as it has high proteins, yet low carb. Apart from the food, the diet plan also needs to be followed on a timely manner, at intervals of four hours. This will enhance the effect and quicken the results.