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foods have low carbs

If you wish to know what foods have low carbs, then there are lots of options. Just like normal food items, there are also lots of foods available that consist of low carbohydrate. These food items are made from ingredients that do not consist of high fat and cholesterol. That ensures that you get the best taste, and yet do not form extra undue fat in the body. These food items are pretty basic and are available everywhere. With more stress of health, more and more people across the globe are switching to low carb diet plans and health foods.

Some low carb food items

If you are following a low crab meal plan, you need to know what foods have low carbs. For example, fruits such as guava, papaya, and strawberry, raspberry and others have very low carbohydrate. In the same manner, vegetables like carrot, spinach, cauliflower, radish and beans are ideal low carb vegetables. For proteins, chicken, pork, and fish are preferred as they have more proteins, and low carb. In case of baked items, the ones made from flaxseed and almond flour like low carb cakes, low carb bread, low carb muffins and so on are advisable. You can also have low carb peanut butter, yogurts, cream butter etc.