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 some low carb foods

If you wish to what are some low carb foods there are lots of choices that you can try out. The best thing about these food items is that they consist of very less amount of carbohydrate that does not lead to any extra fat formation. This is why these low carb foods are preferred by health and fitness conscious people. The low carb food items provide essential proteins, minerals, vitamins and other added nutrients to your body, thereby making it stronger and healthier. There are lots of recipes that you can try out as per your preferences. The taste is also great.

Popular low carb foods

Fruits can be very effective low carb food items. Some of the popular fruits include guava, strawberry, raspberry, and so on, while low carb vegetables include radish, spinach, carrot, and others. In case you love proteins, you can try out fish items, chicken and pork foods and lots more. Baked products made from flax seed flour are ideal low carb delicacies. You can choose from muffins, cakes, brownies, and so on. They are quite tasty and contain very low carbohydrate and fat supplements. Cream yogurts, cream butter, peanut butter are also popular low carb dairy items.