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25g of protein raises blood sugar

How much blood sugar is raised by taking 25b gram of protein? Well the answer to the question is that the blood sugar does increase by a considerable degree if you take high amount of proteins. However, if you take proteins within limits, the chance of building up blood sugar can be minimised to a great extent. This is one of the main reasons why people follow a low carb diet plan. By following the low carb diet plans on a regular basis, you can easily lower the levels of high carb from your body and give it that toned look.

Increase in blood sugar

It has been proved that having 25 gram of protein can lead to an increase of blood sugar levels to around 10%. Once you start eating high amount of protein, you gain extra cholesterol that leads to high blood pressure. Among the protein items, red meat needs to be avoided as they consist of high carb that lead to an increase in the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. So if you love meat, try to stick to chicken and pork. In the same manner, egg yolk has high cholesterol and need to be avoided. You can have egg white as it consists of high proteins, yet very less carb.