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low carb high protein diet plan

By having an idea of the low carb high protein diet plan which includes redwine, you can enjoy the best of health, yet have a refreshing experience. Well, redwine is considered to be one of the refreshing alcoholic beverages that offer a wonderful experience. All across the globe, people like to have redwine during several occasions.  However, one concern that plagues the mind is that redwine is high in carbohydrate and may lead to extra fat formation. Nevertheless, if you drink it within limits and also have the right kind of protein snacks with it, there is no question of harm to your body.

Know the right protein snacks

In most cases, protein snacks go very well with redwine as they help enhance the taste. If you are thinking about having some meat items wine, the most ideal ones would be chicken and pork items. Some popular dishes include roasted chicken or pork, spicy chicken or pork, dry chilly chicken, and so on. In case of fish, popular recipes include baked and fried shrimps and tunas, fried salmon and so on.  If you like eggs, try to go for the egg whites as they consist of less carbohydrate, yet high proteins. Furthermore, low carb crab items also taste great with redwine.