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1200 calorie low carb food list

By having an idea of the 1200 calorie low carb food list, you will be able to get the much needed energy without sacrificing your fitness. There are lots of food items that provide great energy and calorie, yet are very low in carbohydrate and fat. Unlike the common notion that all high calorie foods consist of high carb, there are lots of vegan and non vegetarian foods that have a great calorie value but do not cause any extra fat formation. So if you also wish to get energized without adding more fat, it is time that you start eating these food items.

Some low carb foods

You can choose from 1200 calorie low carb food list based on your preferences. For example, fruits such as guava, strawberry, raspberry and others have high calorie yet very low carbohydrate. In the same manner, if you take chicken and pork items, you will get essential calorie with very low carb and fat. Egg whites are also very effective as they consist of high proteins, yet very low in carbohydrate. Baked products made from flax seed and almond flour also do not cause any extra fat formation as they are very low in fat.