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In real life situation, breads do have high carbohydrate content hence consumption of a diet consisting of low carbohydrates might make you avoid or reduce the consumption of breads. It has been found in the recent times that there are some brad manufacturing firms that produces low carbohydrate bread that might be as well used in your individual diet without any worries.  These breads might be rich in fiber but as long as they are whole grains they are good for a healthy living as they reduce the level of cholesterol and control weight balance.

There are numerous companies that manufacture different brands of bread like the Sara Lee and many others.

Low carb bread brand

Low carb Sara Lee manufacturing company

This is a company that specializes in the manufacture of rolls, bagel, sliced bread and buns. The sliced brad manufactured from the Sara Lee Company is low in carbohydrates and calories when compared to other type of beads. A single slice of a 100% whole wheat and honey has about 45 calories, 9g carbohydrates and 0.5g of fat which is in contrary to what the Sara lee bread has of 120 calories, 1.5g and 21g of fat and carbohydrates respectively. As these Sara Lee breads like the Delightful have low carbohydrate content hence they are friendly to human consumption due to the limited risk of being infected by a disease.

The Low Carbohydrate Great Harvest Company

This is another company that has bakeries is all parts of the nation with most of its breads having a percentage of 100 of whole wheat flour and its major function apart from production of low carb bread is the promotion of health related values of whole grains that limits the risk of being infected with a disease like heart attack. One slice of the low carbohydrate cinnamon chip bread contain 120 of calories with 4g, 14g and 2g of fat, carbohydrate and fiber content respectively. However it is good to realize that the cinnamon chip manufactured by Great Harvest has high carbohydrates and as a result it has been enriched with white flour instead of 100% of whole white flour. Hence it is advised that if you are on a restricted dietary system, you should seek medical assistance on the best method or type of breads you should be consuming.

Low carbohydrate Damascus Manufacturing bakeries

This is a type of bread manufacturing company found in the Middle East specializing on the manufacture of Middle East breads like Panini, pitas, roll ups, and lahvash wraps. Its major aim is to help in the promotion of the idea of overall carbohydrates content which can be calculated using a specified formulae e.g number of grams of fiber is deducted from the entire number of carbohydrates in the serving. Damascus bread produces bread s like wheat pita that has a net carbohydrate of 10 and 17g of carbohydrates with 7g of fiber for each serving. The company makes some items with additional benefits in nutrition like pitas with free salt that are low sodium in it.