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Carbohydrates and proteins are the most vital food nutrients that are required by the body in bulk to provide some energy in terms of calories. Another important food nutrient is fats which is also for a healthy body living. The list of food types below contains one of the food nutrients.

High protein foods low carb

Different types of Fish, Poultry and Meat

Food types like fish, chicken, meat, salmon and turkey are best sources of high protein products with no carbohydrates.  For every ounce of fish, cooked beef, lean, or poultry gives about 7gprotein with no carbohydrate. The other food nutrients with high proteins but no carbohydrate content includes chicken breast, ground breast and tuna together with foods like venison and lamb.

Various High protein soy food

This is a food type with high protein content with the isolate of a protein is a pure powdered soy protein. 1 oz. of brand of soy protein that gives approximately 25grams of protein with no level of carbohydrates. Various types of soy like soft tofu have high protein but low carbohydrate since it provides about 16g and 4g of proteins and carbohydrate respectively. The other type of soy like firm tofu has even much lesser carbohydrate.

Numerous Eggs and Dairy products

Dairy product like milk, ice cream and yogurt are the majority of dairy products with high carbohydrates and proteins however some dairy products like cheese has high protein content but relatively low or no carbohydrate contents. Numerous cheese products like Colby, Monterey, Muenster, Swiss and mozzarella have between 7 to 8grams of proteins with about 1grams of carbohydrates content. However Cottage cheese is slightly higher in carbohydrate content. For example a half cup of serving of 1% of cottage cheese milk fat offers approximately 14g and 3g of protein and carbohydrates respectively. Another food type with high protein content is an egg in which a single egg is equivalent to 1 oz. of meat. A full egg has 7grams of protein. Another source of protein is the white dried eggs in which 1 ounce of a dried egg gives out 23g and 2g of protein and carbohydrates respectively.

Other proteins like almonds also are rich in proteins than any type of nuts. When making a selection of the almond product or food content, try to choose almond that have been processed minimally with the exemption of salt, oil since they may making some unwanted carbohydrates.

Hence it is important that weight loss is mostly facilitated by the low carbohydrates content. Any diet which has high protein but low carbohydrate content usually promotes reduction in level of cholesterol, improve fullness and reduce the intake calories. Even though the foods might be rich in protein with low carbohydrates are all equal since most of the foods in the level content of Trans and saturated fats which contribute to the increment in the level of heart disease. The list of foods with high level of proteins but low in fat content are many which cannot be listed below hence for a better health for an advice on a better healthy foods.