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flax seed to greek yougart

There are quite a few benefits from adding flax seed to greek yougart. As such yogurts are considered to be good side dishes as they are healthy and also delicious. You can have yogurts in lunch or dinner along with main courses. In order to make your yogurt healthier and also shed extra fat from your body, you can prepare the items with flax seed. Lots of people all across the world use flax seed as it is considered to be an effective low carb food ingredient. By having an idea of the benefits, you will be able to understand the usage of flax seed in yogurts.

Benefits of flax seed

As mentioned already, one of the main benefits of adding flax seed to greek yogurt is that is makes it free from carb. Normal greek yogurts consist of high carbohydrate and fat. However, if you prepare the yogurts with flax seed, there is a significant decrease in carbohydrate and fat. Moreover such yogurts are suitable for patients who are suffering from complications such as diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity, and so on. Due to less amount of sugar, there is also minimal chance of adding up cholesterol in the body.