Low carb vegetables


Other than being just salads, radishes have a potential in being low-carb diets. Radishes are great when steamed or roasted in an oven.


In unite states we have white button mushrooms. Though they are fungi, they are also considered being vegetables. They are handy for stuffing and can be baked with other kinds of stuffing


They are sometimes considered to be free from carb since they have little impact on blood sugar. Spinach contains vitamin k which helps to control blood sugar. One cup of chopped but cooked spinach contains four grams fibre and three grams of usable carb.


People should embrace carrots because they are among the lowest carb root vegetables and are also lower in carb than many low sugar fruits like strawberries. Again carrots are highly packed with nutrients including carotenoids. A half grated carrot contains 4 grams of carbs and twenty six calories and two gram fibre.


Onions are more preferred when cooking due to the flavour they and on food, but other than that they contain mild sulphuric acid that is produced when chopped. A half chopped raw onion contains six grams of carb, one gram of fibre and thirty two calories.


Low carb vegetables2

Due to their high water content cucumber have a refreshing quality. They are mostly chosen by low carb dieters as substitutes for crackers. When eaten without peels they contain two grams carb, eight calories while when peeled they only contain one gram of carb and seven calories.


The Green bell

Green bell do add a fresh note to salads and other dishes. When combined with other peppers they can also add colour. On carb and fibre count, they contain three grams of carb one gram of fibre and fifteen calories.

The Red bell

Low carb vegetables 3

Red peppers have a high content of nutrients than other bell peppers. When chopped they contain three grams of carbs two grams of fibre and twenty three calories.


Low carb vegetables 4

Fennel is a vegetable from the same family as carrots and dill. Though the white part is what is often eaten the stalks are also edible. Fennel seeds are also use as spices. Fennel when half sliced and eaten raw contain two grams of carbs, one and a half grams fibre and fourteen calories

Summer squash

Low carb vegetables 5

Squashes are useful as they are slight in flavour. When sliced half while raw, they contain one and a half grams of carb, five gram fibre and twelve calories.


Low carb vegetables 6

Zucchini can be cooked with a variety of meals and take the flavour of a dish. It can be a substitute of much stuff and is usually available all year around. When chopped, half of it contains one and a half grams of carb, one gram fibre and ten calories.


Low carb vegetables 7

Other than just being packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, pumpkins are low in starch and sugar than other related squashes like butternut. Pumpkins also contain seeds that can be roasted and eaten for more nutrients. Pumpkins contain three and a half grams of carb, five grams of fibre and fifteen calories.