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Ketogenics is delicious and moist low carbohydrates bread that has the capability of satisfying an individuals needs. This is the most preferred bread for most of the home made breads with low carbohydrates. You should always enjoy the sweet taste of brown sugar and wheat which are found in the honey wheat.

The insulin will not be stimulated by the newly introduced bread during the low carbohydrate feeding program however it may make you consume breads containing high starch in your entire lifetime. Hence you should always opt for low carbohydrate bread mix.

 Low carb bread mix

Nutritional requirements about white bread

The nutritional content of a white bread consist of a varied constituents. These include ¼ cup of dry mix with 6 amount of serving per container. The amount of each serving calories is 80 with 15 calories being from fat content and 1.5grams of total fat in the content in which a half a gram is saturated fat. It should be also cholesterol free with 60miligrams of sodium. The total amount of carbohydrate should be 6grams and 5g of fiber, 1g of sugar and 11g of protein. It should also consist of zero vitamins A and C with the percentage values of calories in the diet being 2000.

Ingredients of a white bread

During the preparation of white bread involve the usage of the following ingredients. They include oat fiber, lecithin, sugar, salt, enzymes, ascorbic acid, destarched white flour, guar gum, wheat protein isolate, and DATEM.

Requirements for the preparation of a yeast packet

The main ingredients in the preparation of yeast include 0grams of Trans fat, each slice should be 2grams of carbohydrates with fiber content may be deducted from non-digestible foods hence it cannot affect the amount of blood sugar. Sugar is also required since during the rising, yeast usually consumes it.

The nutritional truth about honey wheat bread

In the preparation of honey white sugar, the following nutritional information is very useful. These include 21grams of dry mix; serving per container should be 16. The amount of serving calories should be 80 in which fat should have 15calories, total fat should be 1grams. 0.5grams of saturated fat with zero cholesterol and 60grams of sodium. The total amount of carbohydrates 7grams with 5grams of fiber, 11grams of protein and 1gram of sugar. The there should also be zero vitamins A and C. The amount of calcium, iron and copper should be 6%, 6% and 10% of DV respectively.  The daily percentage values should be 2000 on a diet.

After the nutritional content is well calculated and determined to be right for the production of low carbohydrates, the low carbohydrate mix can then be baked. Thereafter, the freshly baked low carb mix bread can be enjoyed with utmost heart from the oven without any fear of consuming any carbohydrate. The bread produced will be containing all the different types of all the required ingredients without the exemption of high fiber oat content. The bread mix is much delicious and taste so sweet without any carbohydrate content.