Julian bakery is an organisation specialized to make low-carb breads. It specializes in bring to the table brown breads that are the best choices for people on low carb diets. Some of the products that Julian bakers have come up with include:

Smart bread

 Low carb bakery

Smart carb is a type of bread baked by Julian that can be of much assistance to maintain your weight or lose some. It is sweet for your taste and allows you to take in as much calories and carb as possible. It contains sprouted organic grains that increase its fibre and moisture allowing it to easily digest. It is a perfect choice because it has a proper amount of fibre and twelve gram proteins fibre in every slice.

It also contains fresh flaxseed s which are high in omega three and soluble fibre that assist in reducing inflammation in the body.  The wheat and the bran it carries is full of minerals and vitamins. it also contains an inulin derived from chicory roots that makes the carb move quickly without absorbing them for digestion. Inulin assists in the immune system of your body when it feeds the flora in the colon to act as a prebiotic.

 Manna bread

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The grains first soaked and sprouted to release all the nutrients in the grain. When they sprout, the sprouts are grinded together with the seeds and the beans to increase the fibre content. It is impossible to find bread that is actually yeast free, but this kind of bread is sugar and yeast free.

Once the mixture is sprouted, it’s then cultured. Culturing allows for nutrients easy digest for everyone due to its high fibre content. This nutrient provides its sweet taste and an implausible flavour. Just a quarter of it will contain eight grams of proteins at all times and again its digestion helps to live you colon clean.  It has managed to acquire recommendation from writers like Steven Pratt and DR. Rosedale due to its vegan, sweet free nature and high fibre content.

Purity bread

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Purity bread is bread that Julian bakers have come up with. It is a gluten, sweet, wheat, yeast and dairy free bread. It is complete protein bread that contains thirteen varying sprouted beans and contains enough moisture inside and tough on the outside. Purity bread is fit for diabetic, celiac and candida and hypoglycaemia.

 The bread is made from high quality ingredients like fresh ground raw buckwheat, fax seeds, millet that provide maximum nutrition and brown rice grain together with white and brown Teff that provide high fibre protein and good quality carbs. Purity bread also contains thirteen sprouted ground beans that provide more proteins, lentils, sea salt, onions, garbonzo beans and guar gum. It is easy to digest because it is cultured for eight hours giving it a slight sourdough flavour. You actually get a lot of energy from the bread than it uses when being digested. The bread is designed to make the body utilize proteins fast which is an advantage to anyone trying to keep a stable blood sugar level.

 The Sourdough

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Sourdough bread is low in calories and carb. It contains sixty calories and four grams of crab on every slice and also contain chicory root that inhibits digestion of carbs in the body. It is high in proteins and low in calories and carb. The bread is available around the many nations as it is a choice for many who are trying to lose weight.