Are you in need of a low carbohydrates appetizer? Here is a list of some of the low carbohydrates and low carbohydrates recipes that includes easy low carbohydrates appetizer recipes, low carbohydrates party appetizers.

Low carb appetizer recipes

Salsa chunky

This is one of the best fresh and tasty chunky salsa. It depends on which type of chunky you prefer hot by adding extra peppers while if you prefer a salsa which is mild you should add little Ohio, Canton e.t.c.

Dip Broccomole Recipe

If you prefer those snacks that resemble guacamole that excludes the existence of avocados which is fat rich, then the best recipe for choice includes Wisconsin, beaver dam and gronholz. Preparation of Dip Broccomole Recipe takes about 10 minutes.

Ingredients for preparation of Dip Broccomole Recipe

These ingredients include about two cups of sliced freshly cut broccoli which is chilled and cooked. A quarter cup of reduced creamy fat sour fat and at least 2tbs of carefully sliced onions with one tablespoon of free-fat mayonnaise. Another 2tbs of lemon juice is also required with chili powder of about half or quarter and some tortilla chips or fresh vegetables.

Method of preparation of Dip Broccomole Recipe

All the first six ingredients would be mixed together in a compressor and cover until it is processed until smooth. It should be refrigerated for many hours before it is served with tortilla chips or vegetables. As per the ingredients used, it should be served to six individuals.

From nutritional experts, the nutritional facts should are three tablespoon which is equivalent to twenty seven calories, 2grams of fat, 2grams of protein 3grams of carbohydrates, 33mg of sodium and 5mg of cholesterols.

Blue and Apple Cheese on Recipe of Endive

This is one of the most stylish taster’s natures an apple and blue cheese which is spread in the interior of crunchy leaves. Instead of apples,you can decide to use pears to spread the top crackers.

Requirement for Blue and apple cheese on recipe of endive

The main ingredients during the preparation of blue and apple cheese include one tablespoon lemon juice and water. Another requirement is the blue crumbled cheese, three tablespoon of mayonnaise, sliced toasted hazelnuts, well sliced red apple, and heads of Belgian endive

Method of preparation of Blue and apple cheese on recipe of endive

Water and lemon juice are mixed together before adding apple and tossed to coat. The apple is then combined with blue cheese, celery and mayonnaise with one tablespoon added to each of the endive leaves then sprinkle with the hazelnuts.

Lastly, in reference to the nutritional experts requirements, the nutritional facts for the production of a low carbohydrate and low calories food contents are 47 of calories, 3grams of fat, 67mg of sodium, 4g of carbohydrates, 2g of fiber, 2g of proteins and 3mg of cholesterol which all these yield about half of fat on exchange of diabetes. You should therefore choose the low carbohydrates and low calories foods to ensure that you are safe from diseases like diabetic, high blood pressure or heart related diseases.