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alcoholic drinks with diet coke

What about if you are having alcoholic drinks with diet coke and what are the pros and cons? Let us have an idea. Well it needs to be said that having diet coke along with alcoholic drinks will not really help to solve the problem of weight loss. Both alcoholic drinks and coke consist of high levels of carbohydrate and so there is every possible chance that your body will gain extra fat. Although diet coke has less carbohydrate, the effect will be marred by alcoholic drinks that come with high carb and fat. So if you are having alcohol, it is better to have it with water rather than coke.

Low carb alcohol

Talking about alcoholic beverages, the best one to have on a low carb diet is vodka. It consists of very less amount of carbohydrate and fat and does not cause extra weight gain. However, alcohol consumption always needs to be limited, and one should not over drink. Excessive drinking leads to a range of side effects and health issues. Compared to other alcoholic beverages, the proportion of carbohydrate in vodka is just 5 mg. As such it is suitable for a low carb diet plan. It needs to be mentioned that vodka should be added with water rather than coke or any other soft drink.