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Low carb and low calories recipes are those recipes that are used to prepare foods that contain both low amount of carbohydrates and calories in them.  One of the examples of a low carbohydrate and low calories ifs the recipe for a jicama root vegetable. Here is a brief description about the recipes about Jicama root vegetable.

Low carb and low calories recipes

Little prepared herbal vegetable

This is a type of vegetable that has low calories while at the same time they contain less carbohydrate content. Some of the facts about Jicama are that a cup of sliced vegetable has about 46 calories and six grams of carbohydrates. Its antioxidants, vitamins and vitamin C levels are very high.

The preparation of jicama first involves washing the skin to do away with the dirt and the outer layer is peeled with a knife. After the removal of the outer layer which is very poisonous, a low carbohydrate and low calories jicama can be prepared after which a tasty jicama is consumed.

Some of the ingredients for preparing Jicama vegetables include one tablespoon of cooking oil, one peeled and sliced jicama, salt. After the ingredients have been readily made, the next step is the method of preparation.

Method of preparation of Jicama vegetable

The first step is to spray the pan with cooking spray that is non-stick,1tbs of cooking oil and non fatty butter spray. The frying pan is then placed on heat and adds the jicama after the pan has been heated.  Thereafter, leave each side of a sliced jicama to cook for about two minutes. Cooking should be done until the brown color of the jicama is observed on both sides. The hot fried jicama should be sprinkled with powdered onion, non seasoning salt and some herbs of your preference. Serve the meal as soon as it is tossed.

Fried Jicama Onions and Potatoes

A well designed method of preparation of jicama onions and potatoes should take approximately less than half an hour and that is 25 minutes. This is split into 10 min of preparation and 15 minutes of cooking time.

Requirements for preparation of fried onions and potatoes

The main ingredients in the preparation of fried jicama onions and potatoes include one tablespoon of cooking oil, one medium,diced and peed jicama, half a cup of chopped onion, low sodium, garlic powder and powdered onions.

Procedure for the preparation of fried jicama onion and potatoes

The frying pan is sprayed with non-fat butter spray, non-stick cooking spray and then placed over heat. Leave onion and jicama to cook on the heated pan while not forgetting that potatoes cook slowly than jicama. Thereafter, the pan should be covered well and stirred regularly. Little amount of water is added incase you desire some liquid and leave it to cook for about 15minutes. Jicama is then tossed with pepper, non-salt seasoning,salt and spraying with the herb of your preference after which it is served immediately.

When these procedures are followed up to the latter, you will enjoy a meal of low carbohydrates and low calories content that is of importance to low cab dietary system individuals.

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