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List of low carb foods

These are foods and food stuffs that are low in carbohydrates and are recommended to persons who are willing or conscious on blood glucose level. They include:


You can also try unsweetened coconut which contains one ounce, 5 grams fibre content and two grams usable carb.

Collard Greens

You can also decide to have one cup of chopped collard greens, cooked which contains 5 grams fibre and four grams of usable carbs.


Broccoli contains one gram of usable carb and three grams of fibre if half a cup is chopped and cooked. If one cup is cooked then it will contain 4 grams of usable carb and two grams of fibre


Cauliflower contains one gram of usable carb and two grams of fibre when half a cup is chopped and cooked. One cup of raw cauliflower has two and a half grams of fibre and 2 grams of carb.

Meat/ beef

 In low carb diet meat is acceptable. A hamburger patty contains four ounce and twenty eight grams of proteins. When eating meat avoid breaded meat, count carb content in mussels and oysters, limit organ meat to four ounce a day since one gram raw beef liver contain one gram of carb while when cooked it has one and a quarter grams of carb. You can concentrate more one half cup of tofu which contains ten grams of protein, one gram of carbs and one gram of fibre.

List of low carb foods2

Seafood and fish are okay as they contain low carb. Eggs are high in proteins while they contain low content of carb. A chicken breast contains three and a half carb and thirty grams of proteins.

Dairy products

Dairy products include food stuffs like cream full fat cottage cheese which contain fifteen grams of protein, sour cream, cheeses butter, and sugar free yogurt which contain twelve grams. They contain less carb and are recommendable.

Fats and Oils

Food stuffs high in fats and oil are recommendable since they contain low carb. Most people avoid oils high in omega -6 like the soy, corn, most safflower and sunflower.

Butter: an example of butter is olive oil. It is highly recommended as its low in carb. Others include coconut oil; High-mono safflower and sunflower (check the labels carefully). Other high fat foods include nuts, nut butter, seeds, avocados and cream.

Frozen foods

Frozen foods also are low in carb. This includes meat, fish and berries handy.

Canned Goods

These are food stuffs preserved through canning. They contain low carb and are high recommended. Black soya beans, olives, coconut milk are good examples.

Nuts and Seeds

Example of nut and seeds are flax which contain eight grams half a cup. Almond that contains eight grams and coconut flour are good for baking but only when fresh. Avoid legume that include peanuts and ensure the coconut is unsweetened.


This includes: sugar free ketchup, sugar-free salad dressings not made from soy oil, soy sauce, pesto sauce, broth or bouillon, spices, hot sauce, sugar-free pickle relish, sugar-free jams and preserves.