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Foodstuffs that is high in proteins and low in both fat and carb 

Egg white

Low carb and low fat foods

When looking for food stuffs that are low in both fats and carb, you should consider the part of the egg that is white and less than one York daily.it is pure protein and very low in fats. You can get eggs from chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs.

Red Meat

Red meat is the best as it is low in fats and carb. Sources of red meat include grass fed cattle like beef, grass fed buffalo well treated with hormones and antibiotics and other wild game meat.


You can choose to add tofu on anything cooked on a frying pan. On the other hand beef jerky is another way of stuffing a lot of proteins that have low fat and calories content, but avoid sodium contents. If you need too many proteins in your diet then it is advisable to add whey.


Empty canned tuna into a frying pan with half sliced onions and cook it in its liquid with pepper until the onions become soft. In this food the calories are below two hundred depending on the onion you put.Also, tuna is very low in fat content but contains high level of protein.

Cottage cheese foodstuff:

Low carb and low fat foods 2

Cottage cheese low in fat that is prepared from; half cup cheese, cinnamon, half vanilla and packet of splenda. This contains ninety six calories, six grams of carb, one and half grams of fat and fourteen grams of proteins.

In case you need more fibre then try; cottage cheese low in fat+ one and half packet of splenda+ pure pumpkin puree+ nutmeg+ cinnamon + half a cup cottage cheese+ half vanilla. This mix will yield one hundred and thirty six calories.


Fibre is available in major food stuff amongst them being oat bran hot cereals which will have one hundred and fifty calories, eight grams of proteins and seven grams of fibre. In case the fibre content in the oat bran cereal is not enough vegetables like asparagus. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits ensures you a great deal of fibre in your diet.

Another example is wheat pastas. It will contain whole heat spaghetti with one hundred and eighty calories, eight grams of proteins and seven grams of fibre.

Beans and lentils also contain a lot of proteins and fibre and low in carb. They contain two hundred calories, fifteen grams of fibre and eighteen grams of protein.


Fish is another source of proteins and is also low in fats try eating fish two to five times a week especially deep sea fish. Types of fish include tilapia, cod, Alaskan wild-caught salmon, herring, Chilean sea bass, John Dory, monkfish, trout, halibut, trench, sea bass, turbot. When cooking, add no oil but water, salt, pepper and lemon.

Additional foodstuffs low in carb and fat include:

Fresh coconut, unsweetened coconut milk, anti-inflammatory culinary spices, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and fresh garlic;

Fresh olives;

Thyme, sage, oregano, and other herbs;

 Green tea