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no salt no sugar no carb diet

Lots of people across the world follow the no salt no sugar no carb diet. It is mainly beneficial for those who are suffering from some kind of health complication such as diabetes, high blood sugar or obesity. However for normal people, following a diet with absolutely no sugar or salt is considered to be very effective. Even on a weight loss or low carb diet, it is always advisable to take at least some amount of salt or sugar. The human body, devoid of salt or sugar, tends to get dehydrated pretty easily, and that may lead to other health issues.

Ill effects of no salt so sugar diet

As such it is always essential that you take in some sugar and salt daily in your diet plan. The salt and sugar may not be necessarily consumed raw; but at least they can be taken in the form of foods. Try to take in low carb foods that have low levels of salt and sugar, as it will always help. Extreme weight loss plans are not really suited for normal people. Instead of losing weight, these plans cause other health complications. Due to lack of salt and sugar, the body gets weaker.