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the low carb diet best alcohol beverage

By having an idea of the low carb diet best alcohol beverage to have, you can easily make a choice from the right brands and have a great refreshing experience. Not all alcoholic beverages are free from carbohydrate, and so a proper selection needs to be made while drinking them. If you are into some kind of a low carb dieting, it is more important that you properly have an idea of which foods and drinks to have and which not. This will not only help you to enjoy the taste but also add a touch of health.

The best low carb drink

Going by the standards, vodka seems to be the low carb diet best alcohol beverage to have. It consists of very low amount of carbohydrate and fat and does not lead to any extra fat formation. Based on your choice and preferences you can easily select from the wide range of vodka brands that are available. You can even choose from flavoured vodkas such as strawberry vodka, green apple vodka, and so on. They provide an added refreshing experience. However, while they do not have high carb, care needs to be taken not to over drink as heavy drinking leads to various health complications. Always try to stay within a limit.