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eliminating carbohydrates from your diet

There are quite a few negative effects of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet. Like other nutrients, carbohydrate too is required for proper dehydration of the body. As such if you do not have carbohydrate, it will have adverse affects on the human body. Well, due to the common notion that carbohydrate lead to weight gain, lots of people tend to complete avoid intake of carbohydrate in their diet plans. However, this not only in unable to solve the problem of extra fat, but also creates other health complications. As such fitness experts and doctors always recommend that at least some amount of carb is always taken.

Problems suffered due to lack of carb

While following a low carb diet plan, it is advisable that you take in foods that have at least some levels of carbohydrate. The human body tends to get dehydrated easily due to lack of carbohydrate. Sugar and carbohydrate is one of the main sources of glucose that helps to keep the body hydrated. Lack of these will make the body get weaker and in fact dehydration may even lead to serious health complications. Both for men and women it is always essential to take in at least some sugar and carb for having a strong and energized body.