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mineral low carb

By having an idea of the mineral low carb items, you can easily incorporate them in your low carb diet plans and enjoy great health benefits. There are lots of food items that consist of high minerals and other essential nutrients. However they also consist of high amount of carbohydrate too. So it is vital that you take in food items that contain high minerals, yet very low levels of fat and carbohydrate. Minerals offer the much needed energy to the human body and also prevent it from a range of health complications.

List of high mineral food items

Talking about mineral low carb items, foods are an important part of these. There are lots of fruits that consist of essential minerals, yet very low carbohydrate. Some of them are papaya, guava, raspberry, and so on. In case of vegetables, the ideal ones are beans, lentils, radish, spinach, carrot, and so on. In proteins, fishes and egg whites have high minerals and proteins, yet low carb and fat. So there is no chance of extra cholesterol formation in the body. In addition to these food items, you should also drink lots of water as it consists of mineral properties too.