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Low carb chocolate mousse

For getting the best of health with that added taste, try some of the well known low carb chocolate mousse. They are absolutely sugar free and are made from items which consist of very low amount of carbohydrate. You can easily have these low carb chocolate mousse items as side dishes or during supper and other meals. The best thing about these mousse items is that they do not have any side effect and are also nominally priced. From adults to children, all the world, people love mousse and other types of chocolate cookies for their great taste and wonderful ingredients.

If you too love goof food, then you need to have a taste of low carb chocolate mousse to get an idea of the difference. This is more important for those who are following a weight loss program. Unlike normal mousse or other kinds of confectionary items, the low carb ones are made from flax seed flour which consists of very less amount of carbohydrate and fat. So there is minimal chance of putting on extra fat. Moreover, the mousse items also are sugar free as they are made from sugar free supplements. The taste remains the same but the health factor gets increased.

You can choose from wide range of low carb chocolate mousse products as per your choice. These are available in most coffee shops, confectionary stores, departmental stores, and so on. Ranking among the most popular desserts, these carb free mousse and other chocolate cookie products will offer you a great dining experience. Some of the popular items that you can try out include low carb chocolate mousse with coconut sauce, low carb chocolate mousse with lemon frosting, low carb chocolate mousse with vanilla frosting, low carb chocolate mousse with almond topping, low carb chocolate mousse with apple almond topping, and so on.

At home too, you can make low carb chocolate mousse items. it is very easy to make these items and the ingredients used are also pretty basic. On an average it takes around 15-20 minutes for the mousse to get prepared. The ingredients that are used include whipping cream, artificial sweetener, cocoa, low carb milk, and some chocolate flavour. Around ½ cup of shipping cream needs to be added with 4 teaspoons of artificial sweetener and 1 table spoon of cocoa powder. For added taste, you can add some dry fruits. Once the mixture is made, it needs to be inserted into a pre heated oven and the mousse gets prepared within some minutes.