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For shedding extra fat and also get healthier, try out some delicious low carb Chinese food. In addition to mouth watering vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, there are also a number of seafood delicacies from different provinces of China that consist of low amount of carbohydrate and sugar. You can also have soups and salads.

All across the globe, people love Chinese food. However, for those who are on a weight loss program, it can at times be a problem because Chinese food consists of high levels of carbohydrate. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry as you can try out various types of low carb Chinese food. These are made from foods that consist of low carbohydrate and fat. The taste is as delicious as normal Chinese dishes. The only difference is the cooking method and the ingredients that are used.  With importance on weight loss plan, lots of people prefer to have los carb Chinese dishes.

If you wish to have a taste of mouth watering delicacies from various provinces of China, then you should have a taste of low carb Chinese food. Contrary to the normal Chinese dishes that we have, authentic Chinese food is not so spicy and consists of herbal ingredients. The same ingredients are mainly used for low carb dishes too. Whether you want to have a taste of mouth watering Chinese rice, or some tasty meat products, you can make all of them free from carbohydrate. By having an idea of various kinds of low carbohydrate Chinese food, you can easily make your dining experience great.

Popular low carb Chinese food

Talking about low carb Chinese food, noodles form a major part of it.  In fact noodles are integrally associated with Chinese food. In most cases, these noodles are made from both vegan and non vegetarian products that make them so tasty to eat. Some of the popular low carb noodles that you can try out include Shirataki Noodles, low carb noodles with chicken or duck sauce, noodles with beef sauce, and so on. All these noodles are made from low carb ingredients and are made from sauces that have very less sugar. This is why they are considered to be ideal recipes for low carb dieting.

Apart from noodles, low carb Chinese food also consists of other delicacies that are very healthy and also very tasty. You can try out some of them such as Blanched kai-lan with oyster sauce, Fermented black beans, Siu mei platter, Chinese steamed eggs, and so on.  If you love fishes, then the ideal dishes include steamed tofu with vegetables, Szechuan prawns, steamed fish with mushroom, fried tofu with Black bean sauce and so on. They are ideal dishes to be served during lunch and dinner.  Made from various kinds of herbs and fresh fishes, they taste simply awesome and have a high health label associated as well.

Type of Chinese soups

Soups also form an important part of low carb Chinese food. They are very healthy and prevent a range of health complications related to extra fat formation. Some of the popular soups made from low carb Chinese herbs include chicken soup with broccoli and asparagus, steamed fish soup, vegetable soup with Chinese sauce, cabbage soup with lemon sauce, low carb Chinese beef soup and so on. You can also try out some salads like Chinese vegetable salad with lentil herbs, Chinese radish and fruit salads with egg whites and so on.