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chestnut on a low carb diet

If you are thinking whether can u eat chestnut on a low carb diet, then the answer would be yes. Green vegetables are always preferred in low carb dieting and chestnut is one of them. However, compared to other low carb items, Chestnut consists of higher levels of carbohydrate and so it is always advisable to limit its consumption. Always remember not to over eat this vegetable as it will lead to complications. Eating high amount of chestnut can lead to obesity and extra fat formation. Nevertheless, eating it within permissible limits is absolutely fine for the health.

Eat chestnuts to a permissible limit

On an average, half cup of chestnut on a weekly basis is fine in a low carb diet plan. It has been proved that a whole cup of chestnut consists of around 6.9 grams of carbohydrate. However having a half cup serving is fine as the intake of carbohydrate will be much lower. While you eat chestnut you have to careful about these facts and take precaution likewise. Because chestnut tastes good, lots of people have the tendency to over eat it. This need to be avoided and only limited quantities should be eaten. Then you will enjoy the taste without harming the body.