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eat low carb and do cardio

Can I eat low carb and do cardio? If you are thinking about this question, the answer needs to be yes. There is as such not much relation between following a low carb diet plan and doing cardio. Both the needed to get a toned body and so two of them are complimentary to each other. Fitness experts put stress on some form of work out and exercise to enhance the positive effects of low carb dieting, and cardio can be very effective in this regard. They are pretty easy to do and yield great results if done properly and with care.

Benefits of cardio

On an average one needs to do around 3 days of cardio while following a low carb diet. The best thing about low carb dieting is that it does not have any side effect. As a result you can easily follow the normal workout schedule without any problems. It has been proved that doing cardio on a regular yields quite a few benefits. It increases heart rate, provides extra energy to your body, and above all helps shed extra fat. So if you are really looking forward to have a toned body, then doing cardio is a must. Almost all sports persons do cardio exercises on a regular basis while following a low carb diet plan.