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bananas ok in the slow carb diet
Bananas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are bananas ok in the slow carb diet; lots of people have this question. Being one of the common fruit items, there are lots of queries whether bananas are ideal for weight loss or low carb dieting plans. Well it needs to be mentioned that you can have bananas while following a low carb program. Bananas may be a bit high in sugar, but they do not produce so much carbohydrate to harm the body. As such, unlike the common notion, it can be well said that one can have bananas while following a low carb diet plan.

Benefits of bananas

Bananas consist of essential vitamins and minerals that provide energy to the body. For those who are into some kind of fitness exercise or outdoor sports, bananas are pretty necessary. Moreover, bananas consist of starch that prevents digestive disorders and enhances the overall metabolic rate. However, just like other foods, one should not over eat bananas. High amount of bananas may cause various health complications. Moreover those who are suffering from diabetes should abstain from eating bananas and sugar based fruits. Moreover, it is advisable to have green bananas rather than the ripe ones as they consist of less carbohydrate and sugar.