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honey on a low carb diet

If you are thinking about taking honey before going to bed while on a low carb diet, it will not be as effective. Unlike the common notion, having honey before going to bed does not help shed any extra fat from the body. On the contrary it may lead to more fat gain as honey takes more time to get digested. Moreover honey also consists of considerable levels of sugar which may not be so good for the body. It may not be as harmful as raw sugar in large quantities, but definitely it is also not a sugar supplement.

How to take honey

The best way to eat honey before bed or at dinner is to mix it with some warm water. Due to the effect of warm water, honey gets diluted and the sugar content also dissolves considerably. Warm water with honey is also considered to be good for health as it reduces the carb content in the body. Moreover, warm water and honey mixture is considered effective against cold, cough and other allergies. Overall, honey if taken with water does have beneficial effects. However, if taken raw. It may lead to more sugar and fat formation in the body.