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By having an idea of the food items having carbohydrates you can easily avoid them and get healthier. With added importance on weight loss plans and low card dieting, lots of people across the world are gradually switching to foods that consist of low levels of carbohydrate. Foods with high carb lead to a range of health complications such as obesity, diabeteshigh blood sugar and so on. So it is always better to avoid items that have high levels of carbohydrate. Starting from the normal foods we eat to the junk ones, there are lots of items that have high sugar and carb content.

Some high carb foods

There are lots of fruits like mango, orange, grapes, dates and so on hat consist of high carbohydrate and sugar. In case of protein items, the ones with high carb include beef, mutton and other forms of red meat. They may cause high blood sugar and diabetes. Baked items made from wheat flour are sources of high carbohydrate. In the same manner, dairy items like butter, cheese and cream have high carb, sugar and fat. Apart from these some food items having carbohydrates are sugary cereals, flavoured shakes, junk foods, jams and preservatives and so on.