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Lots of people who drink have the common question- “is coors light suitable for low carb diet”? The answer is yes, if it is consumed in small amounts. It has been seen that Coors beer consists of considerable levels of sugar and carbohydrate, which may not be good for the body if taken in large quantities. However, unlike normal beer, the content of carbohydrate and fat is lower. This is why coors is considered to be a beer that can be had even while following a low carb diet plan.

How much can you drink?

Nevertheless, it is important that a limit is set while having coors beer. Any kind of alcoholic drink is not good for the health and can lead to a range of complications. This is why they need to be limited. Excessive drinking of beer would lead to fat formation and other complications like diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity, liver problems, and so on. On an average, a mug of beer once in a week can be considered to be permissible. Anything more than that is not a good option for the health. Moreover care needs to be taken to avoid junk and excessive spicy food with the drink.