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lose weight on low carb diet

Many a times a question crops in our mind “can you really lose weight on low carb diet?”. Well the answer to the question is yes. If you follow the low carb diet plan on a regular, you will be getting positive results. It has been seen that people who follow a low carb meal plan with care and regularity get positive results within 20 days. While following the plan, you need to be careful about what you eat and also maintain a proper eating habit. It is no use eating good food if you do not eat them timely.

How to lose weight with low carb diet

Choice of the right food is an important aspect of low carb dieting. Ideally your diet should consist of foods and dishes that are low in carbohydrate yet high in other essential nutrients. Try to eat low carb fruits and vegetables, and also protein based items. In case of desserts, the suitable ones are yogurts, cream butter, peanut butter, and so on. In addition to maintaining the diet, take part in outdoor activities and have adequate rest. If you get all the basics right, you are bound to get positive results and shed extra fat from your body.