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protein salad recipes

In order to get high levels of protein yet low amounts of carbohydrate and fat, you can take in different kinds of protein salad items. They are made from low carb protein based items that provide strength and energy to your body and tone your muscles. Protein salads are ideal for those who work out or indulge in various kinds of outdoor activities and sports. In fact, protein based salads are also ideal for patients who are suffering from obesity, digestive complications, diabetes and so on as they have immense health benefits.

Types of protein salads

In most cases, protein salad items are made from food items that are high in protein. Some of the ingredients that are used for making these salads include chicken and other poultry items, pork slices, egg whites, and so on. To add to the taste, green vegetables, and spices are added. Some of the well known protein based salads include low carb chicken with cabbage, Chopped Steak Salad, Warm Mushroom Lentil Spinach Salad, Spicy White Protein Salad with Chick Peas, Hearts and Turkey Salad, Simple Salmon Salad, and so on. All these salads are high in protein but contain very less amount of fat and carbohydrate.