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happiness make you gain weight

“Can happiness make you gain weight?” this question is asked in almost all circles among those who are on a weight loss program. The answer is just the opposite. Being happy is the best secret towards maintaining a healthy and fit body. The body and mind are integrally related to each other and if you are stress free and happy, it will definitely lead to better health. It is more important for those who are on a weight loss program to be always happy, try to limit stress and tension and do not overboard yourself with unnecessary trouble.

Tricks to be happy

In addition to maintaining a regular low crab diet plan, you should always try to reduce stress and tension. Try to take part in outdoor activities and increase social interaction. This will help in reducing stress to a great extent. Do not take unnecessary work load and pressure and have adequate time to relax. It is also important to take sufficient rest as it makes the body healthy. On an average, an individual should have at least 7 hours of sleep daily. Try to work out or play some sports at least 3 days in a week and maintain a proper eating schedule. A healthy mind with a healthy body is the best way to put off extra weight!