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In order to have a good and healthy body free from extra fat, it is necessary to eliminate rice and bread. Well, like other food items, rice and bread can be taken but in limited quantities. Excessive intake of rice and bread will lead to extra fat formation which will eventually result in health complications. As both rice and bread consist of high levels of carbohydrate and fat, it is always advisable to avoid them as far as possible. Fitness experts and doctors suggest that intake of these food items should be minimized unless absolutely necessary.

Limit eating of rice and bread

It is very important to eliminate rice and bread especially for those who are following a weight loss or low diet meal plan. Rice consists of high levels of carbohydrate and fat that may lead to obesity, high blood sugar, and diabetes and so on. On the other hand bread is made up of wheat which also consists of high carbohydrate. If you want to eat baked items, it is better to go for those that are made from flax seed. These items do not have carbohydrate and are ideal for low carb diet. In case of rice, an average of one cup is fine, but avoid more than that.