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 low carb broccoli cheese soup

Taking low carb broccoli cheese soup can be a great way to shed extra fat. It ranks among the well preferred food items in a low carb meal plan and consists of essential nutrients. Due to the very low carbohydrate and fat levels, this soup is preferred by those who are following a weight loss program.

For keeping ourselves in the best of health we always need to eat foods that consist of essential nutrients. This is where the choice of good foods come in. If you are following a weight loss diet and are short of choosing the right food items, then take heart. There are lots of low carb food items that are ideal for weight loss meal plans. Low carb broccoli cheese soup ranks among the most effective low carb foods. It is healthy and at the same time free from high levels of carbohydrate and fat. This is why this food is so popular among sportspersons and fitness freaks.

The benefits of the soup

There are quite a few advantages of low carb broccoli cheese soup that make them so popular among low carb recipes. First things first, as already mentioned, it does not contain high levels of carbohydrate and fat. Even if you are having it on a regular basis, there is no chance at all to gain extra fat. On the other hand, the soup consists of high levels of protein and minerals that provide strength and energy to the body. Doctors highly recommend this soup to patients of high blood sugar and diabetes as it is very effective in healing these complications.

How to make broccoli soup?

Making low carb broccoli cheese soup is very easy. As it is made with common and easily available items, the soup can be very well made at home. The ingredients include 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese, 1 cup of fluid heavy cream, around 2 cans of chicken broth, and some chopped broccoli. The chicken broth first needs to be heated in a pot. Then the cream cheese, butter, and the cheddar cheese need to be mixed in a separate bowl and later placed in a microwave. After the broth gets hot, it needs to be stirred in frozen broccoli and again it needs to be heated. The next step is to put the cheese mixture into the chicken and broccoli broth and heat the mixture. The soup is now prepared and can be served hot. It really tastes delicious.

Where can you get soup recipes?

You can easily get an idea of the low carb broccoli cheese soup recipes by referring to cookbooks and other sources such as the internet. There are lots of sites from where you can useful details about the recipes and preparation process. Starting from the ingredients required, to the step-by-step making process, almost all information is provided in a logical manner. In some sites, you can even download the recipe information and directions for future usage.

Low carb broccoli cheese soup is ideal for any meal. However, it is mainly preferred during lunch and dinner. An ideal lunch or breakfast diet can be a plate of fruit salad, a bowl of hot broccoli soup, some smoked chicken or pork pieces, flax seed bread or baked items and some low carb desserts. Not only will it add variety to your meal, but also help you take in essential nutrients yet low fat and carbohydrate.