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low carb breakfast casserole for health

Low carb breakfast casserole ranks among the well known low carb breakfast recipes. It is made up of food items that are healthy, yet so low in carbohydrate. It is also very easy to prepare the dish and takes just few minutes to cook it. One can get essential nutrients from this dish.

If you are looking for the right low carb food items that help to prepare delicious and healthy low carb breakfast, then low carb breakfast casserole can be the right choice. To prepare the right kind of menu, you also need to have the right food items. If the menu is cooked in sub standard foods, there is enough chance for it to lose its nutritional value. This is where a good casserole recipe comes handy. It uses some of the best low carb foods in the best possible manner so that it remains fresh and healthy even for long hours.

Like other low carb food items, low carb breakfast casserole is also free from carbohydrate. On an average, the dish consists of just 5mg of carbohydrate, which is harmless to the body. By having this recipe on a regular basis, you can shed good weight. Moreover there is minimal chance of health complications such as diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity and so on. Making the dish is also very easy and it takes just few minutes for the dish to get ready. Mostly eaten as a main dish, it is ideal for both lunch and dinner. The food used is absolutely fresh and healthy.

The benefits of low carb casserole

The low carb breakfast casserole is a recipe that is made with almost all kinds of foods- proteins, vitamins, minerals and so on. This is why the recipe is so nutritious and helps you take essential nutrients that provide energy to your body. At the same time, due to the low carbohydrate and fat count, there is almost no chance for gaining extra weight. Moreover the menu tastes wonderful and is preferred by lots of people. Even fitness experts and doctors have recommended the recipe for those who suffer from obesity related problems. If you are on weight loss program, this dish is a great one to have.

Making the recipe

Making the low carb breakfast casserole is very simple and convenient. You just need to have these items to cook the dish- 2 lbs sausage, softened cream cheese, onion and garlic, jalapeno peppers, shredded cheese, and some eggs. The cooking process is also very easy. The oven first needs to be preheated to around 35 degrees. Once done, the mixture of sausage, cheese and the non sticky cooking spray need to be put into the oven for heating. The cream cheese needs to be sliced into pieces and put on top of the sausage uniformly.  After the heated mixture comes out baked, onion and garlic slices need to be put on it. Now eggs have to be put and the final mixture again needs to be baked. After around 25 minutes, the complete baked casserole dish needs to be taken out. It tastes simply awesome.

If you are looking for information on low carb breakfast casserole, then you can try out lots of sources. You can get information about the recipe from cook books, internet sites, cooking magazines and so on. Starting from the best ingredients to be used to the complete process of cooking, almost all the information is provided.