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Low carb beans

A low carbohydrate beans are those types of beans that have little carbohydrate but are very rich in protein and fiber contents. While referring to the South Beach dieting system, beans and some legumes are highly encouraged as very high quality sources of starch, extra nutrients and fiber.  They are one of the few sources of glycemic source of carbohydrate apart from those vegetables which do not have starch in them since starch can either be absorbed slowly or can be resistant. The best recommended servings should be either a third or a half of a cup. It is better to have an idea that high blood sugar is also caused by canned beans which are totally different from the soaked and cooked beans.

Some recommended bean varieties

Some of the beans that are recommended in the entire phases of South Beach Dieting system include black beans, butter beans, Italian beans, lentils , lima beans, navy beans, kidney beans, soy beans, broad beans, white beans, split peas, black- eyed peas and many others which are not listed in the list. However canned beans with sugar should be avoided at all cost since it causes high blood sugar. Instead of it, you should prefer to take soaked and cooked beans.

Bean stuffs like green peas are not recommended in the first phase of the South Beach Dieting system since they are mostly viewed as vegetables with too much starch but they can be considered in the second and third phase of the above dieting system.

Type of beans and the level of carbohydrates

The most staple food of most poor but hardworking individuals are beans since the time period for them to grow is short and they provide too much energy. To the disadvantage of many individuals who eat beans daily they can end up having obesity.

The description below shows some of the beans and the level of carbohydrate they have. The nutritional details of different bean varieties are discussed here; the first is the lentil bean which has 22grams of net carbohydrates per half of a cup. This amount of carbohydrate is too much but its advantage is that it gives 22grams of fiber hence they are good fiber sources. This bean type has 16grams of protein which some people use it as a replacement for meals like meat. Its major side effects are that it is not rich in nutrients.

Some type of beans like the chickpea has only 16grams of carbohydrates which is very good for the family. They have 22grams of fiber in the serving hence it is a good provider of fiber. They are not nutritious since they only have a percentage of 5 and 12 of calcium and iron respectively.

Pinto bean has a 14gram of net carbohydrates in each half cup with about 7grams of fiber. They are sources of folates and iron. They are almost the same to kidney beans. Lastly, kidney beans have 14grams of carbohydrates in each half of a cup with 7grams of fiber.

It is my sincere wish that while choosing the type of beans you need to consume you should go for these low carbohydrate beans especially those practicing weight lose.