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Low carb banana bread

Low carbohydrate banana breads have a banana flavor and hearty surface but their main advantage is that they are easy and unleavened faster bread. Even though it may sound to be rich in carbohydrates and proteins that fattens people the other versions of banana bread that are low in carbohydrates and fats usually provide arrange of quality nutrition.

Under carbohydrates, a single recipe of low carbohydrate, low fat banana bread that features on the lifestyle of diabetes has 19.6grams of carbohydrate on each slice in 1/12 of the entire recipe. If compared to habitual bread that has 32.8 of carbohydrate on each slice, it indicates that choosing low carbohydrate bread is more important since it reduces the amount of macronutrients in someone’s diet. The normal quantity of diet that should be used each day to achieve adequate energy ranges from 225 to 325 grams of carbohydrates.

Low carbohydrate banana bread with low fat content has little quantity of calories when compared to the types of bread hence this assist in managing the level of intake of calories in the body when you are dieting. Each slice of low carbohydrate banana bread adds about 133.4 calories on each slice on the diet of an individual as compared to normal bread that has 60 more calories. When taking low carbohydrate banana bread, the amount of protein being consumed is also slightly high as compared to regular bread. In most diets that involve low carbohydrate diets, there is significance of consuming more proteins.

If we consider about fats on these type of breads, low carbohydrate bread has 4.3grams of fats compared to 6.3grams of each slice of the normal bread. In order to reduce the amount of fats consumed, nuts should always be avoided in the diet. The amount of fat that that is saturated in the condensed fat is only about 0.8 of the total fat which is a great improvement when compared to the 1.3 of fats saturated in the older type of banana bread. You should therefore avoid excessive consumption of saturated fats that is more than between 16 to 22 grams of fats everyday as this may lead to the risk of being attacked by a heart disease.

How to prepare low carbohydrate banana bread

This is simple to make as it only need about 45 minutes to prepare, cook and serve for ten people. Its preparation takes 15 minutes, cooking takes 30 minutes and serving can take about 10 minutes. This type of bread is helpful for those who are trying to do without sugar or those doing low carbohydrate.

 The ingredients required include one egg, 1/8c of splenda,  ¼ tablespoon of salt, baking powder and baking soda, 1/3c of red mill almond flour, 3/4c of wheat protein isolate,1/4c of canola oil, ½ tablespoon of banana extracts and vanilla extract, 2 tablespoon of creamy sour fat, 1/4c of diabetisweet and one ripe banana medium in size.

The first procedure in its preparation is to mix the ingredients in a bigger bowl until all are mixed well in the bowl. 1/4c of walnuts are then added and poured into a loaf pan that had Pam sprayed into the pan. The mixture is then baked at 350 degrees for a period of thirty minutes. The loaf pan then yield ten slices of bread that is served to ten people.