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coke light low fat

“Is coke light low fat?” most of us who like drinking coke and other soft drinks tend to have this question. Well, to be candid, there have been lots of discussions about drinking soft drinks and their effects on the body, and it has been indeed found out that too much coke is bad for health.  Coke and other soft drinks consist of high levels of sugar and carbohydrate that can lead to complications like high blood sugar, obesity, diabetes and so on. So if you are an ardent fan of coke, it is time that you limit your drinking.

Ill effects of coke

You do can try out the low carb substitute of coke that is Diet coke. It consists of low levels of carbohydrate and sugar. This is why sportspersons and celebrities always prefer diet coke to maintain their body. However, excessive drinking of diet coke should also be avoided. This is more important for those who are following a low carb or weight loss diet plan. On an average, around 2-3 bottles or cans of coke in a month is fine, but care needs to be taken not to exceed this number. If you are on a low carb program and still eat coke, it will reverse the process and your weight will not reduce.